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Mother’s Day: Expectations vs. Reality

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I love Mother’s Day – why wouldn’t I? I’m a mom. I like chocolate and cards and when strangers smile at me in the street. Mother’s Day is a day when everyone tells you how great you are and thanks you for your thankless work; what’s not to like? You will like it even more if you can repeat this mantra; It’s like every other day… It’s like every other day… It’s like every other day…

If you can set aside certain expectations (freedom), and fully enjoy what you get instead (the opposite of freedom) – everything will be fantastic. Also, you probably shouldn’t pay attention to what all the commercials assure you you’re getting come Sunday.

Expectation : Flowers


Pinterest/ Pam Garrison

Reality: Handmade Flower Craft Thing

Bad news: you actually really like flowers and this thing your kid made is hideous. Good news, your kid made it.

Expectation: Jewelry


 Reality: Pasta


Bad news: you didn’t really get any jewelry. Also, your kitchen counters are now purple and so are your kids. Good news – macaroni necklaces are a rite of passage for mothers. I can’t wait until I get my first one.

Expectation: Sleep

Reality: ‘Breakfast’ in bed.


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Bad news: you really wanted sleep. I mean, really. With the intensity of one thousand white-hot suns. Good news: there is none. You really wanted sleep.

Expectation: Mom’s day off!


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Reality: Nope


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Bad news: Mother’s Day is just like any other day, except your kids stare at you and say “I love you” a lot. Good news: your kids stare at you and say “I love you” a lot.

Expectation: No parenting.

Reality: Your partner is exhausted.

Bad news: you don’t get a break from parenting because your partner is exhausted from planning all this stuff that has kept you from having any freedom today or you’re a single mom who has to do all the clean-up from all of the “surprises.” Good news: you’re used to it.

Expectation: Wine

Reality: Wine

Bad news: there is none. There is definitely wine on Mother’s Day.

So you’re probably not going to be floating on a cloud of freedom, super refreshed from a great night’s sleep, and enjoying luxurious riches – but your kids are going to look at you with a little sparkle in their eyes. Also, there is usually wine. Those things alone make the day pretty fantastic.