Motherhood Pays: Molly Sims Latest Celebrity To Profit From Pregnancy

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celebrity momMolly Sims is pregnant with her first child already she’s hoping to cash in on her soon-to-be status as mom. In a video message on her website, the model-actress had this to say:

“I have gone absolutely bananas shopping for binkies , blankets, bassinets and there are just so many baby products out there – but I have to say, they all kind of look alike. So I’ll be expanding my brand with a line of products that are dear to my heart… I think moms today really crave style and want to look and feel beautiful. Also, moms like me are so busy these days [so] I’ll be looking for products that make life easier on mom..”

I don’t know why this annoys me so much, but it does. Yes, I know, I don’t have to shop her line and it’s really none of my business what Molly Sims does with her life-slash-empire. But I can’t help but roll my eyes when I hear of yet another celebrity mom (or mom-to-be) who plans to profit from her pregnancy or new-found status as mom. I guess it just seems so forced. It’s like, “Look at me, I am with child – and therefore I’m an expert on all things baby and mom!”

Sims joins a long list of celebrity moms who have tackled baby/kid/maternity-business territory. Jessica Simpson, for instance, announced her Jessica Simpson Maternity line mere weeks after giving birth to little girl Maxwell. And mom-of-two Jessica Alba recently announced she’s working on The Honest Life, a how-to handbook for parents slated for release next year. Kourtney Kardashian, meanwhile, launched a web series called “Kourtney’s Mommy Blog” just days before announcing that she’s pregnant with her second.

The examples are never-ending. In fact, the The New York Times recently ran a piece called “The Baby Bump” that looked at this whole phenomenon.

“Being a celebrity mom has more business opportunities than ever before,” Peter Grossman, photo editor of Us Weekly, told the newspaper (he personally has negotiated six-figure cover deals with celebs and their offspring). “Now, it’s not just about selling your baby pics. It’s starting a clothing line or endorsing a stroller. The value of a celebrity mom has never been higher.”

Even Snooki, the train-wreck reality star who’s expecting her first child in September with fiance Jionni LaVelle, has an MTV spinoff series in the works that, not surprisingly, focuses on her new role as mom-to-be. She’s already working on a line of children’s shoes and, as she told the Times, “I definitely want to do, like, diaper bags and stuff like that.” (Of course she does!)

I guess I’m just getting tired of celebrities cashing in on motherhood. I sound bitter, don’t I? There’s just something about Sims’ video message that irks me. Check it out for yourselves and weigh in.


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