Super Mom Smashes Washing Machine After Realizing Her Daughter Is Inside

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washing machine door glassTerrifying news out of Washington state when a 29-year-old mother hit up a laundromat with her five-year-old daughter. The mother suddenly turned around to discover that her little girl had been locked into a washing machine that had begun a wash cycle.

It remains unclear whether the little girl crawled into the machine or someone placed her inside, but the machine was marked “out of order.” Once inside, the machine locked automatically after the door shut. When the mother realized that the door would not open, she dashed to her car and withdrew a spanner or an adjustable wrench that she just happened to have with her at the time. Because what mother doesn’t load up the wash with a wrench handy?

The super mother smashed open the glass and yanked her daughter free, suffering cuts herself from the rescue. The little girl also received a 10-inch scar on her back after being pulled from the machine.[tagbox tag=”emergency”]

While it’s difficult for me to fathom the realization of your child being trapped in washing machine that is not only locked, but is also starting to rapidly fill with water, this mother sure reacted fiercely enough. The visual alone suggests a Hulk-like scenario in which the mother grows in size and strength at the sight of her little one being in grave danger. Not only can this little girl grow up to say she survived this harrowing experience, she can also boast her mother’s heroic efforts and quick wits.

(photo: Shutterstock)