Teacher Demands Student Pay Her 25 Cents, Mama Bear Promptly Files $200,000 Lawsuit

lunch moneyThe whole bit of asking kids to pay “fines” for swearing, for acting up, or for using English in a Spanish or French class is pretty draconian. Not only are kids depending on their pocket money from mom and dad to get them through the day, but many aren’t so certain that they will be getting anymore. In short, it’s really not their lunch money that they’re handing over, but that of their parents. Such was probably the reasoning of Lynsai Green who, after finding out her second grade son had been forking over a quarter for getting rowdy, didn’t just demand a parent-teacher conference or even that teacher get fired.

Hell no, she went and filed a $200,000 lawsuit.

In what can read as nothing else but a Mama Bear move, Green is seeking to get the teacher, the Baltimore school board, and mayor charged for stealing her special needs son’s money. In addition to demanding that other kids fund her Diet Coke fix, the teacher would also reportedly pull the boy by his ears and got more physical with some of the other students:

[Marcelius] Lockes ”reportedly uses physical discipline with other children,” the suit charged. The little boy said the woman ”pushed us and she jacks us up around the neck by our clothes,” according to the suit.

With regards to the lunch money, the mother only began to suspect something was amiss when a cafeteria worker told her that she “was behind” in keeping up with her son’s lunch money tab. She responded that she always gives her son enough money for his school lunches — and madness shortly ensued. The teacher should clearly be fired for physically disciplining students anyway. But at $200,000, I bet she never thought a soda could cost so much.

(photo: Brandon Alms/Shutterstock)

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