People Who Start Fist Fights Over Seats at a Kindergarten Play Give Parents Everywhere a Bad Name

iStock_000020118955_SmallParents are not inherently more entitled or disruptive than non-parents, but a lot of entitled and disruptive people do not magically become less awful when they have babies, and that’s how we wind up with stories about people starting an actual fist fight over seating positions at a kindergarten play.

According to the NY Daily News, police were actually called to the site of a kindergarten play in California because some parents got into an actual fist fight. Witnesses say one woman–clearly the villain in this enterprise–was standing up in the middle of the front row filming the performance and obstructing the views of everyone behind her. She didn’t move when people asked her to sit down, and even when the principal came over and told her to move, she refused. Then she reportedly started shoving people, including a guy holding a baby.

“She was blocking the middle aisle so other parents couldn’t see or video their kids. Parents were asking her nicely to sit or move. She was very rude to everyone. She actually shoved my son, who was holding my infant grandson. We were all disgusted in her actions,” said a grandmother in the audience.

The principal might not have been able to get the woman to sit down, but she did have authority to cancel the play, which she did. It was almost over anyway, but once a mother in the audience started shoving people, the principal reportedly just canceled the rest of the play.

Now I feel bad for that woman’s kid, because you know that child is going to have a hard time getting play dates or birthday party invitations. That poor kid could spend the next 12 years being, “The kid whose mom started punching people during the Easter play.” I don’t actually know that it was an Easter play. Unfortunately, no real specifics were given about the performance, but I like to imagine it was just a bunch of small children singing rabbit songs, and this woman started a freaking brawl in the audience. But if she acts like this at a kindergarten play, you know you can’t take her to Chuck E. Cheese.

Photo: Cocodava/iStockPhoto/Getty Images

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