Mother Rightfully Takes Issue With Sexist Color Activity Given To Daughter

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Our daughters are growing up in a conventionally girly-centric world with just about a pink and blue everything to determine what exactly their interests should be as girls. And while some products are obviously over the top, some messages are little more subtle — like what one mother encountered on a coloring sheet given to her daughter in a restaurant.

You’re of course familiar with the coloring/menu activities given to kids in restaurants to occupy themselves with while their food comes. In her blog entry aptly titled “Sexism By The Slice,” Jackie had the sudden realization of what precisely her daughter was coloring:

When we sat down at the table, the waitress brought over a cup of crayons and an activity placement for E. I wasn’t really paying attention at first until E says to me, “Mommy, do you want to color this purse with me?”

“This what?”

In case you missed all the super awesome cool things that my 3-year-old daughter got to color, the placemat includes: two purses (you know, day and evening wear), a cell phone, nail polish, a shoe, a hat, a CD, a CREDIT CARD (gah!) and, of course, nail polish.

But wait, there’s more! Look at these brain-boosting words she got to search for:

Why, yes, how did they know that my toddler is a mall queen diva who was born to shop, party and makes purchases, preferably when there are sales? Give me a freaking break.

Jackie’s experience is hardly an isolated one. Consider for a minute how much of this content is in everything children see — from television shows to clothes to now even color activities in restaurants. Luckily, E. has the type of mother who took notice.