Mercy, Mother Of Twins With Flesh-Eating Disease Has Had Even More Surgeries

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flesh-eating diseaseThe 36-year-old new mother of twins who was sadly diagnosed with the flesh-eating bacteria infection is still holed up in her battle against dead tissues. Lana Kuykendall, who was admitted to the hospital a mere 11 days after giving birth, reportedly had had four surgeries as of last week. But in the few passing days, she’s managed to have even more.

Msnbc reports that as of yesterday evening, Lana had had seven operations, remaining in critical but good condition. Although sedated, she has opened her eyes a few times. Her brother expressed gratitude for the disease so far being contained to her limbs, a silver lining if there ever was one:

“She still has a long road ahead of her,”[Brian Swaffer] said. “We’re thankful that the infection is contained to just her legs. Her organs, her vitals are good. She’s got a great team of doctors.”

Family is reportedly caring for Lana’s newborn twins, Abigail and Ian, while she continues to fight for her life.

Although doctors have been able to determine the cause of Lana’s condition, the circumstances still remain fuzzy. Group A streptococcus has been named the culprit, which lives on people’s skin or in their nose  and causes infection amongst people with low immune systems, poor nutrition, and high alcohol consumption. Yet no final word from doctors on why a new mother of twins was suddenly prone to this life-threatening disease.

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