Family Of Dying 10-Year-Old And Induced Baby Sister Find Support On Facebook

Katy HolmesYoung Katy Holmes, a British 10-year-old, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor last year and given only six to nine months to live. Katy’s mother, Paula Holmes was pregnant at the time of her daughter’s diagnosis and induced baby Scarlett Holmes early just so that she could meet her big sister. But the family refuses to concede to Katy’s diagnosis and continues to find support from readers just like you on Katy’s Facebook page.

The page entitled “Please help Katy Holmes” currently has over 4,000 subscribers and is maintained by relatives who provide day-to-day details about the little girl’s illness. The family writes:

Katy has had all the radio therapy she is allowed in her lifetime and is not eligible for chemotherapy due to the type and nature of this tumor…. Katy is incredibly brave she never complains about her illness and in reality Katy has gone from being a healthy happy 10yr old to her death bed in just 3 months. There are days where Katy looses her eye sight, the ability to walk and talk and some days Katy cant even swallow her own saliva with out severely choking to the point where it is life threatening.

The family describes some truly miraculous events with regard to Katy’s illness, as the resilient kid has “astounded doctors” by awakening from from an unconscious state when  doctors insisted that she would not — twice. The Holmes also share photographs of Katy,  both before and after her diagnosis, along with her siblings and new baby sister Scarlett. Katy’s page brims with thoughts, prayers, and good wishes from neighbors, friends, as well as many touched individuals who have never met her or the Holmes. Her mother, father, uncle, and aunt ask that Katy’s followers share her story with as many people as possible so as to provide support to their ailing daughter and perhaps connect her with someone who can “offer Katy a chance at life.”


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