Mother Gives Her Life Shielding Son From Gunshots In El Paso

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Image: GoFundMe/Beautiful Heroic Couple

A young mother showed the world what motherhood was all about when sacrificed her life to shield her two-month-old son from the bullets being spewed in El Paso’s horrific mass shooting this week. Covering her baby’s body with her own as she and her husband were innocently shopping for back-to-school supplies and last-minute birthday party trinkets for their six-year-old daughter, Jordan Anchondo died protecting baby Paul. Her husband, Andre Anchondo died as well, most likely covering both his wife and young son and once again we all wonder: When will this country do something about the HELL no family should ever go through again?

Back-To-School And Birthday Party Supplies

A young mother died shielding her newborn son from gunshots in the El Paso shooting

Image: GoFundMe/Beautiful Heroic Couple

Jordan Anchondo was 25-years-old and the mother of three children. Her husband Andre Anchondo was 24. They’d just celebrated their first wedding anniversary recently and on that fateful Saturday, were  looking for school supplies and birthday party trinkets for their daughter’s sixth birthday party. The party was to be held later that day, but the senseless acts of a hate-filled shooter not only stole a little girl’s birthday party, but the lives of her mother, father and baby brother.

According to Jordan’s sister Leta Jamrowski, the couple was shot to death, protecting their 2-month-old son, Paul. Jamrowski said that the doctors treating Paul for broken bones told her that his injuries were most likely from his mother falling over him to shield and protect him. Jamrowski said that they said he lived because she gave her life to do so.

A young couple lost their lives as they shielded their newborn from a mass shooting in El Paso

Image: GoFundMe/Beautiful Heroic Couple

Ryan Mielke is a spokesman for University Medical Center of El Paso. He said 13 people were brought to his hospital with injuries, and that included one who died. Two of those injured were children they transferred to El Paso’s Children’s Hospital and eleven other victims were treated at Del Sol Medical Center, according to hospital spokesman Victor Guerrero.

Democratic presidential candidate and El Paso native Beto O’Rourke was visibly upset as he held a news conference after visiting with wounded victims.

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Jordan’s aunt has set up a GoFundMe for the couple’s three surviving children, as has one of Andre’s family members.

And while we’ll give so these children know they were loved to their parents’ very last breaths, we find ourselves asking: when will enough be enough?