Mother Gives Birth On Commuter PATH Train Between NYC And New Jersey

PATH train mapA pregnant New Jersey wife awoke on Monday morning with some abdominal pain. She and her husband hopped on the PATH train at the Harrison stop headed to New York City. The expectant parents weren’t exactly in a rush given that the pain wasn’t severe. But as the train crossed into Manhattan, said mommy found herself giving birth on the floor.

The two parents, who declined to give their names as they had not shared the birth with their extended family members, were shocked given how dull the pain was in the first place. The mother explained that she wasn’t intially alarmed as the pain wasn’t nearly as intense as she thought childbirth would be:

“I was like, ‘What is going on?’ Something is happening every two minutes.’ And then I felt the baby come out. I could feel something coming out. I wasn’t sure if it was the baby,” the woman said.

After her husband confirmed she was indeed having the child, the woman said “something else took over.”

“I lost all sense of consciousness and I was only thinking about the baby,” she said.

The couple welcomed a healthy son who they have nicknamed Jhatpat, a Hindi word meaning “quick” or “speedy” according to msnbc. And so the “speedy” arrival of this bouncing baby boy has put our allegedly fast-paced commuter train to shame. It turns out even little babies can get into the world quicker.


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