Mother Falls To Her Death In Front Of Her Son, And Now I’m Even More Terrified Of Rollercoasters

BFLfbOlCEAElXTaLast night, at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, a mother fell out of a roller coaster and plunged to her death – in front of her son. I can’t even wrap my head around this.

A group of people who were waiting in line for the ride behind the woman told ABC News the woman – who appeared to be in her 50’s – and her son were laughing and talking while waiting to board the ride:

“The family didn’t witness the fall, but said the victim’s son was clearly distraught when the ride returned to the loading platform.

“He was saying ‘She fell! she fell!'”

It kills me to think that one minute this woman is enjoying a day at a park with her son, laughing and joking, and the next minute she’s gone. That it all happened right in front of him makes this story ten times worse. How do people get through things like this?

Originally an all-wooden roller coaster introduced to the park in 1990, the Texas Giant ride was redesigned with a steel track and re-opened in April of 2011 during the theme park’s 50th anniversary. The ride’s tallest height is 153 feet and has a drop of 147 feet.

Six Flags says the ride has “a record-breaking bank” of 95 degrees, “steeper than any wooden coaster on the planet.”

I loved roller coasters when I was younger, but the older I get the more terrified I get. Freak accidents like this make it even more difficult to enjoy these things. But I would do the same thing this mother did – get on the rides with my kid.

Early Saturday, Six Flags added that the investigation into the death was continuing. “We are working closely with authorities to determine the cause of the accident,” spokeswoman Shannon Parker said in a written statement.

She added that the Texas Giant ride remains closed…

The victim’s name has not been released.

(photo: Twitter)

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