Mother Falls To Death From 8 Stories Clutching Her Baby, Who Miraculously Survives

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baby angelWell, if the Catholic Church was looking for a miracle on day one of new Pope Francis I‘s ascension to the papacy, they might just have it in the form of a 10-month-old baby who survived a terrifying fall of eight stories while being clutched in his mother’s arms. The story is not all angels and happiness though. This mother lost her life in the fall and New York City police are now trying to determine whether she jumped or was pushed.

Wednesday afternoon, neighbors heard arguing between a woman and her husband. The man allegedly yelled, “Why wouldn’t you pick up the phone, why would you put that stress on me? Why wouldn’t you pick up the phone, why, why?” Shortly after this altercation, the woman involved fell eight stories out of her window while clutching her 10-month old child. Bystanders saw the tragedy and watched the infant bounce out its mothers arms and hit the ground crying.

Somehow, the child is said to be doing okay. It is in critical but stable condition at a Harlem hospital. Now, the police begin their work trying to understand what happened to this woman and her child.

There has been no ID made in the press, but neighbors say that the 45-year-old woman was a lawyer and married. Hopefully there is family nearby to care for and support this poor child through such a horrible experience and loss.

This baby’s survival can only be called a miracle. But hopefully, there will also be a quick conclusion to the investigation of the circumstances surrounding the mother’s death, and any responsible party will be held accountable, should one be found. And if we’re all in the mood to say prayers today, I think we can keep this infant in them.

(Photo: Malgorzata Kistryn/Shutterstock)