Mother Dies After Extensive Plastic Surgery The Press Has Dubbed A ‘Mommy Makeover’

Mom Dies After Plastic Surgery Adriana DeSilva, a 39-year-old mother of two from Harrison in Westchester, New York, travelled to a Boca Raton, Florida surgery center to give herself a joint Mother’s Day and birthday present – a breast augmentation, liposuction and a tummy tuck. According to The Daily Mail:

DeSilva, who was training to be a nurse, underwent the multiple procedures at the Boca Raton Surgery Center on April 5th. She was declared brain dead on April 21 after falling into a coma just two days after the surgeries. She was discharged from the clinic with a clean bill of health and checked out by Dr Ziechner. The following day DeSilva complained of feeling ill and suffered a stroke. She lapsed into a coma and later died.

I’m not going to get plastic surgery. It’s too late for me now! I am 43 and I can see everything wrong with my body and a million assorted things that need “fixing” but the idea of having surgery to fix these things terrifies me. I have no issue with women who want to have plastic surgery, and my heart breaks for this woman who died after complications from her own surgeries. I’m not a doctor, but reading about all three of the procedures she had, even I think this is quite a lot to undertake all at once. And I hate the fact the press is calling this a “Mommy Makeover” because it makes it sound like DeSilva was just some vapid housewife who hated her “mommy” body and that she felt she needed a “makeover.” It feels like it’s just another poke at women who are expected to remain somehow flawless no matter what their bodies go through (childbirth) and how they age. You would never see the press dub a surgical procedure a man undertakes to make himself more attractive a “daddy makeover.”

It’s a terrible, tragic story but adding the whole “mommy makeover” rhetoric to it just adds to the dialogue that moms and their bodies are inherently flawed after childbirth, that they need surgery to fix tummies that housed babies and surgery to fix breasts that fed babies and that if this woman never had children, she may not have needed this type of “makeover” to begin with. And I’m sure DeSilva’s two young children who have lost their mom don’t need the guilt that her “mommy hood” may have somehow caused this.

The family has hired a team of lawyers to look into her death which has been deemed “suspicious.”


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