My Tram Experience: Mother Arrested Over Despicable Racist Rant

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A video posted to YouTube yesterday, called “My Tram Experience,” shows a British woman going off on a two-and-half-minute racist rant to a crowded tram filled with shocked and outraged passengers. I don’t know what’s more disturbing: the fact that she is so incredibly offensive or the fact that she shouts out these racial slurs with a child sitting on her lap.

“You ain’t English – you’re black,” she tells one woman, then starts cursing at entire tram filled with passengers – many of them visible ethnic minorities. All the while, her child appears unfazed as he plays with a plastic action figure. When one passenger asks her to mind her language, pointing out that there are little kids on the tram, she shouts, “Go back to where you come from! Go back to fucking Nigrafrica. Just fucking go back!”

Another passenger intervenes, saying, “I am English, what have you got to say to me?” On and on it goes and, let me tell you, it is highly disturbing. I feel sick for the people who had to endure her tirade, and I mostly feel sad for her child.

Fortunately, more than 124,000 people have viewed the video since it went up on YouTube late Sunday, including the police, who have since arrested the 34-year-old woman on suspicious of a racially-aggravated offense. Police are investigating.