Mom Passes On Creepy Hobby Of Writing To Murderers In Prison To Her 8-Year-Old Daughter

shutterstock_123793657__1407865822_142.196.167.223There’s a UK woman getting some negative attention today for revealing that she “lets” her 8-year-old write letters to prisoners in jail for murder. She’s even going as far as “letting” her daughter visit one of the inmates. Julie Paris has been writing letters to inmates herself for years. I’m pretty sure her kids didn’t think of this idea on their own.

It’s not the exchange of letters itself that I find alarming – it’s how much this seems to be woven into Paris’ and her children’s lives. Paris has been communicating with some of the prisoners for 13 years. She is taking her daughter from their home in the UK this year on a trip to America to visit a man who “murdered his girlfriend 13 years ago.”

From Metro UK:

Julie explained: ”˜I’ve said I’d take them to visit, and it’s been thirteen years and I think it would be nice to go over and say hello.

”˜Mollie’s okay with it. I wouldn’t take her if she was unsure.’

Paris says the letter writing teaches her kids “forgiveness.” Yes, that’s a great idea. Teach your young daughter that murdering your girlfriend is a forgivable offense. Excuse me for getting all judgy here, but I’m getting all judgy here. Seems to me that Paris is just one of those weird people who falls in love with inmates. How about taking your kid to Disneyland? Hey! Let’s go to America to visit a murderer in prison! Doesn’t that sound like fun, kids?

Paris says she has boundaries – no rapists or pedophiles. Well, there’s that at least. She claims she also chooses to write prisoners in the United States rather than the United Kingdom because it’s “safer.” Okay, lady. Whatever you say.

I do believe people can rehabilitate themselves and I’m not against the idea of the letter writing itself. I just think it would be great if she would let her kids make these decisions on their own when they are older, rather than forcing them to think visiting a prison is happy-vacation time.

(photo: De-V/ Shutterstock)

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