Mother Forces Her 10-Year-Old Daughter To Pose Nude On Skype, Calls Herself ‘Victim’

Laptop computer with video cameraAlthough there are mothers who would literally bash through a washing machine to save their little girl, not all children are so lucky. Some parents, although well-intentioned, succumb to some questionable parenting, such as a Massachusetts mom who asked her 10 year old daughter to pose naked on Skype.

The 41-year-old mom was duped by a man over the interwebs who claimed that he was a fashion photographer. The mother was interested in modeling work for herself and sent out some pictures. She was then contacted by a man in Florida who not only offered her some work modeling bath suits, but also $20,000 and a free trip to Florida. The catch was that he wanted the young daughter to pose along with her for said photoshoot — one very large red flag.

During a Skype session, the man said that he wanted to see the child naked to assess her body type– a second flag. And now a third: he told the mother that his own camera was broken so she could not see him during their conversation. According to police, the mother hesitated but eventually beckoned her child over to pose.[tagbox tag=”child exploitation”]

The police caught onto this woman after receiving an undisclosed tip and seized her computer following an interview. The 10-year-old girl and her younger sibling have been taken out of the mother’s custody and placed with the father for the time being. She is not allowed to see either of her kids pending the investigation. Although the mother had the courtesy to turn herself in, it really irks me that she has the audacity to refer to herself as the “victim” in this situation. She is quoted as saying:

“There are sickos out there, and they let them go. But I get locked up. I’m a victim.”

I agree wholeheartedly with the mother’s point about “sickos” being let go to run free wherever access to child is available. But to not be a vigilant parent who is on guard against these types of threats, and to literally beckon your daughter over to such a “sicko,” is to ignore the most fundamental responsibilities as a parent. Children shouldn’t have to be surrounded by pedophilic glances day and night, but they should also have parents who actively function as a blockade against them. To think that this mother didn’t discern that something sketchy was going on throughout her entire correspondence with this man does indeed prove her unfit to parent.

She now faces charges of posing a child in the nude, indecent assault and battery on a child under 14, and reckless endangerment of a child. As well as the guilt of sexually exploiting her own daughter.

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