10 Of The Worst And Most Wasteful Halloween Costumes

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6. This Dress Is Laughing At You, Not With You


via Pottery Barn Kids

I am not the craftiest mom around but bring me a black sharpie and some orange tulle from the clearance section at Jo-Ann Fabrics and I’m pretty sure I can make this happen for less than it’s $80 price tag.

7. Robotically Ridiculous


via Chasing Fireflies

All I have to say is that $100 could buy you a lifetime supply of tinfoil. And cardboard is free.

8. You Will Never Forget…How Much You Spent On An Elephant Costume For A 6-Month Old


via Chasing Fireflies

$60 seems like a totally reasonable price to pay to watch your baby fuss their way out of the adorable hood and scream bloody murder until you release them from this sweaty, gray prison. Ele-fun!

9. Stop Looking At Me, Swan


via Pottery Barn Kids

If there is one thing I’ve learned in my time as a parent, it’s that little kids LOVE being totally overwhelmed by layers of fabric. Especially if it’s itchy and right up near their faces. Oh, and if it’s $70 that also helps make babies happy.

10. Goddammit Disney


via Chasing Fireflies

For the completely reasonable cost of $130, you can prove to your daughter that you really do love her best. Never mind the fact that prom gowns can be had for less.

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