Most Mommyish Readers Find Babyccinos To Be ‘Pretentious’

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babyccinoBabyccinos may just be foamed milk for toddlers, but it seems that the majority of Mommyish readers find the trend to be not so swank.

After polling readers on the trend in Brooklyn (although nearly a decade old in other parts of the world) 71.3% were not enthused by the idea of babyccinos. However, the mommies who did come out to defend the drink for toddlers did share their alternative versions which include “princess milk” and “fluffies,” according to one New Zealand reader.

Reader Frances described babyccinos as “pretentious but harmless,” while Sane Momma offered “Not so much pretentious as is stupid.”

Another reader by the name of Lindsay commented that she has a similar treat for her daughter when they go to Starbucks, writing:

We sometimes order ‘princess milk’ at Starbucks for our three year old (steamed milk with a half pump of raspberry syrup).

She LOVES having a little drink of her own, and it’s a special treat we order for her once a month or so. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. We don’t do ice cream or chocolate bars or stuff like that, so I think it’s a pretty harmless occasional thing.

I’m pretty against caffeine for kids – or creating an expectation that she will ALWAYS get a special drink at Starbucks – but this is something different, I think.

Molly from New Zealand added that babycinnos are called “fluffies” in her neck of the woods, adding that they’re harmless fun:

They’ve had these in New Zealand for years. They’re called ‘fluffies’ rather than babyccinos, and are just a little cup of steamed frothy milk with or without a marshmallow on top. It’s just a fun little treat for kids, nothing pretentious or bad about it.

But whether we’re talking “babyccinos,” “fluffies,” or “princess milk,” most Mommyish readers just don’t seem to be on board with the idea.

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