The 9 Most Annoying Things About The Gym In January

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It’s New Year’s Resolution time, everyone. Today is January 1st and tomorrow (because today is still a holiday, come on now) people will flood gyms all over the country to make good on their promise to be healthier in 2015. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that- I applaud their efforts and genuinely hope that people setting out to better themselves are able to make it happen. That said, this flood of people sure can make things suck at the gym for everyone. Not just the year-round gym goers, but the new ones who don’t know any better. If you see the gym in January, you are undoubtedly seeing the gym at it’s worst and how can that convince anyone to stick around for the long term? So many annoying things happen in the first few weeks of the year it’s a wonder anyone returns:

1. Machines Breaking Down



With so much use, you will see “out of order” signs popping up on many cardio machines. Treadmill belts just cannot take the abuse for 16 straight hours. Showing up for a workout and seeing that half the machines are occupied and the other half are out of commission can be very irritating.

2. Nowhere To Park



For someone like me who gets Parking Anxiety (don’t ask) this is probably the worst part. When I arrive at the gym and the parking lot is a war zone, I break out in a sweat and consider turning around and going home.

3. Newbies With Bad Etiquette 

sweating hard


Nothing screams “I’M NEW HERE” like sweating all over a machine and walking away without wiping it down first. And to be fair, there are douchey regulars that do this too. Disgusting.

4. Newbies “Machine Hopping”

lucy  hale


When someone is new, they might want to test out a cardio machine for a few minutes to see if they like it. That’s fine. But when I arrive and my favorite machines are in use so I go to my runner-up machines only to settle in, look up and discover that my fave has been vacated, I have a choice to make. Abandon my machine and sprint to the one I really want and risk someone else getting there first or stay on my lesser machine and stick it out.

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