Morning Feeding: What To Do When Your Kids Want To Quit

How to handle the situation without raising a quitter.  (

Single mother, Bristol Palin won’t look for love on the network’s Bachelorette.  (The Stir)

Presidential debate showed off alpha-male styles but who dominated?  (DoubleX)

Jessica Alba and Honor have fun being girly girls.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Social media is better than sex?  (Your Tango)

Pink explains why sex can end an argument (no opinion as to whether that’s a good idea).  (The Frisky)

Nutritionist explains how smart eating isn’t just about counting calories.  (The Hairpin)

Wearing a bra to bed will prevent sagging boobs.  (YouBeauty)

Michelle Obama making the play to women in Elle.   (HuffPo Women)

Nine pork recipes the whole family will love.  (Babble)

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