Morning Feeding: SA Will Fail Millennium Maternity Goal

Human Rights Watch says SA’s maternity death ratio quadrupled over the past decade instead of dropping (Bussiness Day)

Kids can safely play sports in hot weather, experts say (US News)

Nine out of ten preschoolers’ lunches reach unsafe temperatures (msnbc)

Experts grow mouse sperm to help with human infertility (Reuters)

Skip the carrots. Chocolate improves eyesight too (msnbc

Way too many married couples kiss less than once a week (YourTango)

What stolen children mean for adoptions (DoubleX)

A Ryan Gosling-inspired room (ShelterPop)

Victoria Beckham tweets Harper with daddy (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Frances Bean Cobain is all grown up (The Frisky)

Ex-catholic schoolgirls, about that kilt? (The Hairpin)


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