Morning Feeding: Parents Who Put Baby On Spinning Vacuum Need An Infant Safety Refresher Course

Something tells me you  aren’t supposed to use Roomba vacuums as a mode of transportation for infants. (The Stir)

Losing Nemo: I killed my son’s pet fish. (Babble)

How did New Hampshire come to be ruled by women? (DoubleX)

Orlando Bloom enjoys father-son day with Flynn. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Identical twins give birth hours apart on New Year’s Eve. (

How to tell if your husband is addicted to porn. (YourTango)

Fruit news. (The Hairpin)

India charges 5 men in gang rape case. (The Frisky)

The link between fructose and weight gain. (YouBeauty)

The funniest resolutions we’ve read this year. (HuffPo Women)

Image via Jon-Liz Reberry/YouTube

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