Morning Feeding: Parents Speak Out About The Dangers Of The ‘R’ Word

Vocabulary matters: Why you should stop using the word “retard.” (

“I would never use the bathroom alone again,” and 9 other things we wish we knew before having kids. (The Stir)

Why is Virginia Heffernan being sexist toward Katie Roiphe? (Double X)

See Gwyneth Paltrow take a mother-daughter shopping trip with Apple. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Three ways that L-O-V-E benefits your health. (YourTango)

Speaking of ‘R’ words, The Bachelor is being sued for racial discrimination. (The Frisky)

Data doesn’t lie, exercise can lead to a younger, more beautiful brain. (YouBeauty)

Does sexting help or hurt adult relationships? (HuffPost Women)

The mixed-blessing of a daycare with a webcam for parents. (Babble)


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