Morning Feeding: More Laundry Equals More Divorce?

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One study suggests housework equality leads to more divorce among Norwegian couples.  (The Frisky)

Denise Richards goes pumpkin picking with all of Charlie Sheen’s children.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

California passes law to prevent subjecting gay and lesbian teens to conversion therapy.  (The Stir)

Do you think Marisa Mayer’s shortened maternity leave is a big mistake? (DoubleX)

Celebrating the word Ms. (The Hairpin)

What Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have in common: model marriages.  (YourTango)

Is the GOP the more “feminine” party?  (HuffPo Women)

Keep your face looking fresh from day through night.  (YouBeauty)

One mother admits she hates her kid’s music class.  (

Large class size:  is it hindering your child’s academic achievement? (Babble)

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