Morning Feeding: Mom Unexpectedly Gives Birth In 10 Minutes While Aboard Ferry

One expectant mom thought nothing of traveling. In fact, she went to a whole other country. And soon after she boarded a ferry to start her journey home, it was go-time (The Stir)

Study finds that access to birth control increases women’s wages, but do conservative women care? (DoubleX)

Robbie Williams is ging to be dad (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Adopting a pet akin to adopting a child? (

5 things everyone should know about condoms (YourTango)

As basic guide to eyebrow grooming (The Frisky)

Ambition, defined (The Hairpin)

New curling iron innovations (YouBeauty)

Pinterest parties are the next big thing (HuffPo Women)

When did moms get so touchy about pregnancy? (Babble)

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