Morning Feeding: Mom And Two Kids Shot Dead While Dad Sits Downstairs Reading

It’s hard to believe a mother would actually kill her own children (The Stir)

How did a Vogue writer come to write that flattering profile of Lady Assad? (Double X)

Minnie Driver celebrates son Henry Driver’s birthday at the beach (Celeb Baby Laundry)

The emotions of watching your child compete in the Olympics (

Can acting like you’re in love lead to the real deal? (Your Tango)

A Chris Brown record review I can get behind (The Frisky)

RIP, Maeve Binchy (The Hairpin)

Life after the Olympics (YouBeauty)

Women and children saved … last? (HuffPo Women)

Eight ways to make your kid think you’re hip (Babble)

(Photo: GorillaAttack/

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