Morning Feeding: In A Bid For Gay Rights, French Seek To Ban The Words ‘Mother’ And ‘Father’

French legislators have a law in the works that bans “mother” and “father” from all official documents (DoubleX)

Facebook’s “slut” page is shaming our daughters (The Stir)

Suri Cruise is learning Mandarin (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Parents’ biggest concerns for their kids (

Would you date someone with different religious views? (YourTango)

Is this a pic of young Brooke Shields smoking pot? (The Frisky)

Hair products 101 (The Hairpin)

What’s Lady Gaga‘s confession means for the rest of us (YouBeauty)

The sixth grade exchange I can’t stop thinking about (HuffPo Women)

Why I put my family before my career (Babble)

(photo: Becky Stares/ Shutterstock)

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