Morning Feeding: Hero Mom Donates 86 Gallons Of Breastmilk

Mom sets world record by donating 86 gallons of her own breastmilk.  Get that woman a medal.  (The Stir)

Disney hired Brenda Chapman because she is a woman.  And she was the right price.  (DoubleX)

Penelope Cruz flies with adorable son Leo.  (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Dita Von Teese talks openly about beauty, confidence and nipple hair.  (The Frisky)

Why women can’t do pull-ups.  (The Hairpin)

Drinking as a couple: do or don’t?  (Your Tango)

Appearances matter even for the POTUS.  (YouBeauty)

No more cousin Matthew on Downton Abbey?  (HuffPo Women)

Signs of depression during pregnancy and what you can do.  (Babble)

Schools consider banning those flaming hot Cheetos.  (

(photo: Draw / Shutterstock)

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