Morning Feeding: Chocolate Gingerbread Man Cookie Recipe

It’s all we want for the holidays this year. (The Stir)

Smash is coming back. Will it learn from Nashville‘s succes? (DoubleX)

Jennifer Garner bonds with her kids. (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Bouncy house injuries are on the rise. (

How to recapture your husband’s desire for you. (YourTango)

Babies are turning into real monsters these days. (The Frisky)

Your future, awesome ex-husband. (The Hairpin)

A Facebook game that saves lives…and could change yours. (YouBeauty)

Why we might be trusting mammograms too much. (HuffPo Women)

20 undiscovered bloggers who deserve the spotlight. (Babble)

Image via The Idea Room 

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