Morning Feeding: Anthony Weiner Is Taking A Leave of Absence

Anthony Weiner is taking a leave of absence from his post on Capitol Hill to seek professional treatment (The Frisky)

Breastfeeding appears to reduce the risk of SIDS by up to 73 percent, especially when babies are exclusively breastfed (US News)

Ovarian cancer screenings do more harm than good (Health Key)

Exposure to pets in infancy and childhood won’t increase a child’s risk of developing an allergy (US News)

Anthony Weiner’s morality is debatable but his stupidity isn’t (DoubleX)

Courtney Cox has a “modern barn”-style home (ShelterPop)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes get casual with Suri Cruise (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Father’s Day gift ideas (YourTango)

The best infant car seats of 2011 (

Ask a married dude about children, coworkers, and exes (The Hairpin)

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