Morning Feeding: 10 Reasons My Kids Drive Me To Drink

Turns out that all those people who said, “three kids is a good number” neglected to mention one thing: three? That’s a shitton of kids (The Stir)

The prurient prude tidal wave (DoubleX)

Jessica Simpson to receive $30 000 push present (Celeb Baby Laundry)

Multiple personalities of pregnancy (

Cutest marriage proposal ever (YourTango)

The pros and cons of dating a cheesemonger (The Frisky)

Rich, beautiful, and surprisingly virtuous: a Whit Stillman primer (The Hairpin)

Be one of those women with naturally  beautiful skin (YouBeauty)

Three things women shouldn’t go to work without (HuffPo Women)

It’s not lying — it’s parenting (Babble)

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