Mother And Daughter Do Porn Together Because The Porn Industry Just Wasn’t Exploitative Enough

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Monica and JessicaSexxxton” have a family business together and it’s not making crafts for Etsy. Fifty-six-year-old Monica is a mother of two kids, one of whom she performs pornographic sex scenes with on camera. But don’t wield that child exploitation hammer just yet as it was 22-year-old Jessica who talked mom into the business — or so she says. (Ok, pick up that hammer again).

The Huffington Post, which triple confirmed the validity of their relationship with driver’s licenses, Facebook pages, and family photographs, reports that Jessica started working as a stripper three years ago. She began considering a career in the adult industry after she, her mother, and younger brother, were confronted with eviction. Porn soon followed suit:

“I’ve always been an exhibitionist and sex just oozed out of me,” she said, adding that she lost her virginity at the age of 12. “It was my idea. I dropped out of school in ninth grade and figured this was a good way to earn money….I enjoy the sex and I enjoy being with my mom,” she said. “During the scenes, I think about how we’re going to be filthy rich.”

Mother Jessica insists that it’s not necessarily all about the money as she considers “having sex with hot guys” to be a pretty big perk.

Nevertheless, there reportedly are rules for mother-daughter scenes: no incest. The pair maintain that “lips never touch” while on set and even though they will have sex with the same man, they do not interact. Feel free to go collect your stomach now.

Consider this the “I’m my daughter’s BFF” cautionary tale of the century. One minute you’re clubbing it up together on a Saturday night, the next you’re taking turns with the same “hot guys.”

(photo: Lee Avison Photography/ Shutterstock)