No, Kids Shouldn’t Be Allowed Everywhere

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Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.44.56 PMA New York City news station wired women with children to show their viewers the “discrimination” people with children face in NYC. You can not expect every establishment in a city with millions of people to accommodate children. Frankly, children should not be accommodated everywhere.

In one scene, a mother shows up at a salon that does not want her to bring her child along for her hair appointment. Do you know how common that is, everywhere? A mother getting her haircut can’t really watch after her child — she’s basically stuck to a chair for usually over an hour. Who is going to entertain a fidgety child in that instance? And if the child is in a stroller, there probably isn’t even room for it in an NYC salon. Also, no one wants to hear a baby cry while they are essentially stuck to a chair getting their hair done.

In another scene a mother complains about a restaurant not accommodating her party with children by pushing tables together. It is always hilarious to me when people think they know better than an establishment how their restaurant layout should work. Having managed restaurants and bars in NYC I can attest to the fact that there are very strict fire codes dictating how furniture can be positioned. An observer’s “quick fix” may not be an option at all.

In another scene a mom becomes frustrated when a bus driver will not wait for her small daughter to swipe her Metro Card. Oh, come on! Do you know how many people board those busses at every stop? Nobody has time for your special snowflake to figure out how to slowly swipe a fare card. That is only cute to a parent, not a bunch of rushed commuters. Other complaints included too-high sidewalks and not enough ramps. Those are valid complaints for those with disabilities. But pushing a stroller around is not the same thing as having a disability. If you can’t lift a stroller up a curb, you are basically screwed in NYC, anyway.

The Pix 11 story ends with this quote from one of the moms that was wired, Carrie Pink: “You should be able to experience the fullness of New York City,” Pink said. “You shouldn’t be limited because you have a child with you.” Not permitting a child at a hair appointment does not equal the city of New York “limiting you.” The news channel reports there is a law in NYC preventing age discrimination — but all of these examples are just ridiculous.

It’s not realistic to expect kids to be accommodated everywhere, and in a city with that many options — just go somewhere else.

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