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If You Want To Share A Secret Cigarette With Me, I Won’t Judge

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shutterstock_146189504I remember smoking my first cigarette with my two best friends at the age of 13. At the time, it was the first legitimately” bad” thing I had done, and it was thrilling.

I remained a social smoker on and off until the present day. I’ve never been addicted, and now I probably smoke every few months. I didn’t touch a cigarette when I was pregnant, and I don’t smoke around my kids.

But there’s something about social smoking that I love so very much. I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but maybe a mental association. If I’m out with friends or on vacation, and the kids aren’t around, I relate having a cigarette and a drink with the utmost relaxation. After months and months of heavy-duty parenting, I’m having a night out, and I deserve it.

The only thing that really sucks about the whole scene is smoker’s guilt, and I am a very guilty person by nature. We’ve all heard from a young age how terrible it is to even touch one “cancer stick,” but I am skeptical.

Did you know that you can find almost any information to support your argument if you Google it? I googled “smoking in moderation” and “smoking benefits” just to have a bigger picture. I’m not trying to create a pro-smoking campaign, but I am looking for some slightly unbiased information. Believe it or not, there are a few health benefits to smoking—obviously, not enough to outweigh the risk, but it makes for an interesting read.

I’ve talked with the other Mommyish gals around the office, and we’re all guilty of our love for social smoking. I see smoking as a delightful treat, when enjoyed in moderation. Of course, I’m waiting for all of the hateful comments that point out, “Oh, you think cancer is a treat? You are a terrible person.” To which I reply, Okay, keep on enjoying your “healthy” Big Macs and Diet Cokes and tanning beds and lack of exercise, and maybe we can call it a draw.

Among moms, you may be a pariah if you even smoke on occasion. HOW DARE YOU. Social smoker moms, I’m not throwing any shade your way. If you want to share a secret smoke after a playdate, I’ll give you a light.

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