Mom’s Response to Daughter’s Failing Grade Goes Viral for the Best Reason

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A lot of teenagers are under way more pressure than can possibly be good for them. They’re expected to wake up at ungodly early hours of the morning, then learn an hour of new math, English, science, history, a foreign language, then go home and read more about all those things and show up again the next morning remembering everything from the day before. And at some point they’re supposed to play a sport or pursue some extracurricular interest to a high degree of accomplishment while also somehow remaining physically active and fit. I don’t know how any of us did it. Kids are under tremendous pressure to achieve at a very high level at all times, and it’s extremely stressful. And in the long run, it doesn’t actually matter all that much. That’s why everyone is in love with this one mom’s response to her daughter telling her that she’d failed a math test.

When Hannah Cho told her mother that she failed her math test, her mother wrote:

“I don’t care if you fail  your math test … I don’t care if you get below 1,000 on you SAT … I don’t care if your GPA is under 2.00 … I don’t care if you don’t get accepted to Stanford … BUT … I care if ou cry … I care if you are stressed … I care if you are unhappy … I care when you get hungry even if you et hungry every 2 hours (I admit. I admit … it can get tired feeding you constantly) … But I love you.”

Aw man, that’s so sweet. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. So are a lot of Hannah’s Twitter friends, who were like, “Parents like this exist?” and “If I told my mom I failed a math test, she’d come after me with a shoe.”

Hannah told Buzzfeed that her mom is her best friend, and she never tells her to do her homework or asks for her grades, because she just trusts her to do her best. Also, it turns out that Hannah’s best is pretty good, because that “failing” math test grade was actually a B, and Hannah was stressing out about it because she wanted a perfect 4.0 GPA.

“My ultimate goal was to get the perfect GPA, a 4.0, so getting a B for me personally was unacceptable,” Hannah said.

Hannah says her mom sent her the note because she knew she’d been stressing about her grades. Hannah’s mom seems like a very good mom.

Also, Hannah told Buzzfeed that one of the weirdest things about her viral post is that a ridiculous number of people have been insisting that her story is fake because her mother is Asian, and people are telling her that this is not true because Asian parents aren’t like that. That is, of course, totally ridiculous.

“Not all Asian parents are strict and demanding,” Hannah said. “I’m glad to say that we broke free from those stereotypes and proved them wrong. My mom is the most wonderful role model I could ever ask for. She is the most powerful influence in my life and continues to love me unconditionally.”