Everyone Knows That Moms Make The Best JELL-Oh Faces

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JELL-Oh faces, or the gleeful expression one is about to make when savoring some delicious JELL-O, may be synonymous with children. But behind countless photographs of children smiling with their first snack have been mothers, enjoying their children’s forgotten lunchtime JELL-O or indulging in a cup themselves after a long day’s work. But a mother’s joy at pulling back that lid has yet to be captured on a film or memorialized in photo albums, making their existence pretty much unknown. Unless you’ve been spotted enjoying a Strawberry Cheesecake JELL-O on your way to carpool, most would assume that the little treat in your purse is for the kiddies. Until now!

It’s time for mothers the world over to come clean about their secret JELL-O love and claim the snack as their own. For a limited time, JELL-O will be asking to see your JELL-Oh face on Facebook! That giddy grin you get when you finally have that moment alone with JELL-O could garner you your 15 minutes of fame. Enter your JELL-Oh face now and reclaim years of mothers enjoying their JELL-O in the dark.

This post was sponsored by JELL-O.