Rich NYC Parents Sending Their Kids Away For The Summer Can’t Even Be Bothered To Pack

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nyc-parents-pay-summer-camp-packersDid you know there was a thing as a professional summer camp packer? You probably didn’t, unless you are rolling in cash. Some wealthy NYC parents are reportedly paying for someone to pack their kids summer camp bags because this parenting thing is better when you really don’t have to do any of it yourself.

From the NY Post:

Barbara Reich of Resourceful Consultants says she and other high-paid neat freaks have been inundated with requests — and the job is no small feat.

It takes three to four hours to pack for clients who demand that she fit all of the comforts of home in the luggage, including delicate touches like French-milled soaps and scented candles.

At $250 an hour, the cost for a well-packed kid can run $1,000.

I’m not very good at packing, but if I was I would totally try to sucker rich people out of their money with this “service.” Another professional organizer says some parents want packers to make it so the child can recreate their bedroom when they get to camp. Apparently it’s very stressful for parents who can afford to pay $10,000 for sleep-away camp for their kids.

I guess if you have the money why not hire someone to do a bunch of the annoying parenting tasks? My only question is – what is parenthood but an accumulation of all of the annoying parenting tasks that exist? How much of that can you outsource before you’re not really parenting at all anymore?

Maybe really wealthy people who can afford all of this stuff just have an easier time parenting in general. We’re all over here complaining about not getting enough sleep because our infants kept us up or forgetting to pack our kid’s lunch and rich people are thinking, “why bother doing any of that stuff.”

I’m just jealous because I am constantly taxed with the little annoying things my kids need, otherwise know as parenting.

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