Mom’s First Day Of School Picture Goes Viral

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In a day and age where we are sadly not one bit surprised when the daily news shows details of another mass shooting, one mom’s prayer before her children start a new school year has gone viral. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana mother posted a picture of her children huddled together praying for their protection this school year, and shared that she felt nervous and unsure as this new school year begins just days after mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

A Little Prayer Goes A Long Way

Dear GodThis morning I’m feeling nervous and a little unsure but thankful, I pray for my children on their first day…

Posted by Jamisha Harris on Monday, August 5, 2019

Jamisha Harris, 28, posted the picture on her Facebook account, telling Today Parents that she was just overwhelmed with emotion as three of her children were about to begin a new school year at Idea Bridge Academy. Her sons Eugene Jacobs, 10, and Jorden Jacobs, 8, were holding the hands of her daughter Emily Jacobs, 7, and she said that she became emotional praying together with them.

Harris said that she was just hoping the prayer would give the kid some hope, and let them know that even though they’ve just lost their home and children in schools regularly do ‘shooter-drills’ in cases of emergency, she believed everything would be okay.

She said that she prays with them every day, but in light of the struggles they are going through and the state of the country today, she felt it was really necessary on this first day.

Pictures Of Humanity

She wasn’t alone in believing we could all use a little extra in these first few days of school for so many kids, as her post went viral. Harris said that even though she went to school to be a truck drvier, she’s found it difficult to find local work. Her husband, Winston Shorter, has also had a difficult time finding new work as his contract on an offshore oil rig job was up.

People relating to her nervousness about life in general poured out to her, already raising nearly $40,ooo for a GoFundMe for the family. In the details, Harris shares that they’re desperately looking for work, have need for a car, and just want to let their kids know life will be okay. Additionally, Harris said that because of the photo’s popularity, she’s been offered a job as a truck driver.

Harris said she had to buy her kids school supplies and clothes and shoes that fit them, so that made money for rent hard to gather. The family left their home and moved in with a family member.

She says that now, in the days following the El Paso Walmart shooting, she worries that sending her kids into the world is dangerous and she was simply turning to the power of prayer to give them some comfort and ease their (and her) fears. She said that when her kids pray, they feel protected.

Here’s praying they are.