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All Moms Are Yoga Masters, Even If They Don’t Know It

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3. Spinal Twist

spinal twist meme

Ardha Matsyendrasana  is great for stretching out the spine while simultaneously scoping out the cute guy sitting behind you in yoga class. Hardcore yogis swear this pose helps with digestion. I don’t know about that, but I do know it’s helpful when shielding away from a child who wants to burp in your face because they think it’s hilarious.

4. Prayer pose

prayer pose meme

Otherwise known as Anjali Mudra, you may recognize this pose as the posture of mothers everywhere who are trying to hold it together and stop themselves from screaming while their kid has a meltdown in public. I find its success rate to be around 50%.

5. Crescent Pose

crescent pose meme

Officially called Anjaneyāsana, this pose is used to open your hips and strengthen your legs. While it looks complicated, trust me, all moms can and do pull off this pose, as well as a variety of  other Matrix-like moves when trying to tip-toe past a sleeping baby.

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