16 Things Moms *Actually* Do When Their Baby Is Asleep

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When the baby is asleep, moms take on that pile of laundry that could probably have its own zip code by now.

the loud house baby GIF by Nickelodeon

Image: Nickelodeon

What is it about having a baby that immediately quadruples your laundry duties?! It seems like you do a load a day, and while you might be able to steal a few minutes here and there to pop a load in, there’s no way you can find the time every day to actually fold it and put it away. You show me a home with a baby that doesn’t have a laundry mountain in one (or several) rooms, and I will show you a magical place that does not exist. Eventually, unless you all want to live in your underwear, it’s going to need to be handled. The great thing about folding and putting away laundry is that you can watch TV while you do it.

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