16 Things Moms *Actually* Do When Their Baby Is Asleep

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When the baby is asleep, some moms actually sleep!

married with children on couch sleeping

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It’s a novel concept, we know! Actually sleeping when the baby is sleeping, who does that?! Well, every mom should do it every once in a while. You’re not getting much sleep any other time, so you need to catch up somehow, and your body needs the rest. All this other stuff is all well and good, but really, try to get some sleep sometimes! Even a nice co-sleeping nap with your baby is an option. You might as well get a little shut eye to revitalize yourself for whatever the day brings next. The good thing is, you’ll still have plenty of time to do some of this other stuff, since babies take so many naps!

Maybe dedicate one to sleep, and then catch up on some of the other stuff. It’s all about balance.

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