16 Things Moms *Actually* Do When Their Baby Is Asleep

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When the baby is asleep, moms will remember they have other children … oops.

the little rascals (1994)

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Ohhhhhhh, our poor older children, LOL. Listen, it’s not forever, so don’t beat yourself up when a new baby arrives and you suddenly don’t have tons of time to spend one-on-one with your older kids. It’s a big adjustment, for everyone! Stealing little moments away with your bigs can be such a good use of your time. And when the baby is asleep, you can get some uninterrupted quality time with them. Do a craft, or watch a show! Or just hang out and snuggle and catch up on what’s been happening. Things will settle down and soon enough, you’ll get into a groove and have time for everyone in your family. But in the beginning, make sure to carve out some special time for the ones who came first.

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