16 Things Moms *Actually* Do When Their Baby Is Asleep

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When the baby is sleeping, moms can get down to business with their partner, too, if you catch out drift.

sponge bob

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Sure, you can connect and talk and cuddle. That’s wonderful! Or you can get down and dirty and scratch that itch that’s been on your mind for the last few weeks. When you have a baby, you have to get creative. There will be plenty of night where you both go to bed at different times, or one of you is up and down with the baby. Or you’re just too goddamn exhausted to do anything at the end of the night but sleep. So think outside the box! Baby down for a nap? That’s plenty of time for a quickie. You gotta keep those fires burning even when your regular sex habits have been disrupted. Who needs a bed at night when you have a couch at noon? No one, that’s who.

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