(UPDATE) So Creepy: Mom’s Corpse Discovered In Brooklyn Daughter’s Apartment

shutterstock_76826107I love my mom so much you guys, but if she died I would so NOT keep her skeleton lying around my house like this woman in Brooklyn did. Especially if I had my own daughter in the house. Especially under a pile of garbage bags. From The NY Post:


The rotting corpse, believed to be that of Susie Rosenthal, 61, was discovered Monday under a pile of garbage bags in the Borough Park apartment she shared with her daughter Chava Stirn, 28, according to the sources.

Police had been called to the apartment at 3 p.m., after neighbors reported a foul odor and an unexplained leak, sources said.

When cops approached Stirn, she was acting ”erratically” and was taken to Maimonides Medical Center for a psych evaluation.

It’s a terribly sad story and I’m sure some sort of meNtal illness is involved but I have a morbid fascination regarding things like this and I have so many questions, mainly WHY? WHY WHY WHY? It’s so strange. I keep my garbage in our garage so the raccoons cannot eat it and in this heat when there are any food containers in it I can’t even deal with the smell so I have no idea how you have a human corpse in the place where you EAT and SLEEP and live that way. Did she just have a huge attachment to her mom? Was she afraid to alert the authorities? Was she worried a burial would be too expensive? So many questions! I can’t even deal with having a full garbage can in my kitchen much less a dead person in my house.

As tragic as this story is and as much as I want my own children to love me I should probably draw up a will so it can read things like IF I DIE DO NOT KEEP ME IN THE HOUSE CALL THE CORONER because I’m also so vain I really don’t want people to see me rotting either. So strange. I hope this poor lady gets the help she needs and I also hope someone writes a book about this case because I’m nosy and I need to know details.


UPDATE: Welp, we have more details, and this case gets even weirder and sadder and weirder than before. According to the NYP:

A Brooklyn woman spent three years living in a cramped apartment with her dead mom ”” propping her up at the dinner table and sleeping next to her skeleton every night, The Post has learned.

Chava Stirn, 28, even dressed like her mother ”” wearing the same black outfit and shoes that 61-year-old Susie Rosenthal had on when she died.


And because eating with her dead mom wasn’t quite enough:

Stirn set Rosenthal’s bones on a bed of trash bags in the kitchen of their Borough Park apartment, a law-enforcement source said.

For the slumber parties, she dragged a chair into the kitchen to snooze next to the corpse ”” leaving her twin bed covered in stacks of paper.


The article states the mom may have been dead for THREE years.



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