10 Thoughts Every Mom Has The Week Of Christmas

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Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come. Christmas is upon us. And I am stressed the eff out. There are many reasons that I am unraveling. I really do LOVE this time of year, so much so that I get a touch of depression when the fun is over. I am feeling that urge to squeeze every bit of joy out of this week that I possibly can but if I am being honest, I am also sort of over some of it. It’s a weird push and pull. I love Christmas because I know the rest of winter looms ahead and will be very boring but at the same time, I am tired of running around and all the preparations. I am ready to relax and be done. Combine that with my kids being home for school break while I am still working and we have a potent blend of mania blowing around in my brain. I can’t be the only one, right? The week of Christmas must be full of these thoughts for a lot of other moms. At least, I hope.

1. How early will I have to be up on Christmas morning?



At my house, I can already tell you- it will be very, very early. And we always stay up late on Christmas Eve setting the Santa scene so the idea of being awake at 5:45 am makes me break out in metaphorical hives. It’s a long day and starting it at dawn is less than ideal.

2. Oh God, school break is two weeks long.

panic attack


I just realized that yesterday at around 10 am and the panic set it. It was only Day One. I love my kids but two weeks of trying to occupy them in crappy weather is a long time.

3. What gift did I forget to buy?

oh shit


There is always one. At least we have this handy guide to drug store stocking stuffers to help us cobble it all together.

4. The kids f**cking snooped for gifts. What the f**k.



You can always tell when things have been…disrupted. All that trouble and all that fighting through crowds at the mall for the little rascals to ruin the surprises?? RAGE.

5. My cookies are the suckiest cookies to ever suck.

nailed cookies

(Image: author’s own)

No, seriously, they are. The above is a picture is of cookies I made yesterday along with a shot of what Food Network magazine claimed they should look like. And I know some of you can bake so feel free to apply this to “suckiest present wrapper” or “suckiest Christmas dinner maker”- whatever you are paranoid that you suck at around the holidays.

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