Mommyish Presents A Mythical Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day

Few mothers it seems actually spend Mother’s Day doing anything that they’d particularly like to be doing. For every lady who has been lucky enough to score herself a spa visit, many others are begrudgingly hosting brunches, cleaning up the house, and dragging themselves to family outings on a commercially-fueled “holiday.” All the cards and flowers may be sweet, but if we get passed the disingenuous thank yous, a lot of mothers would appreciate more than a gift per se. Many would like some actual time for themselves in which they’re not necessarily wife, mother, or daughter, but simply themselves.

Imagine then a mythical Mother’s Day, in which partners and children all disappear for the day while you go to your favorite exercise class, enjoy a bath, or even take in an R-rated flick. It’s all about you, ladies! Eating delicious meals that you certainly didn’t prepare and watching whatever you want on the family TV. No Nemo, no strollers, no whining.

While this mythical Mother’s Day is far from encompassing the fantasies of all mothers, the idea of finding a respite from the needs of others — just for one day — is one that many would hope for.

Cue the fantasy.