Mommyish Poll: Would You Want Your Child’s School To Inform You That They’re Obese?

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Nearly all public schools in California have collected information about height and weight on kids in the fifth, seventh, and ninth grades, but some of the participating schools decided to send the results to parents. According to Reuters, sending letters home to parents about their kids being a certain “body mass index” was virtually ineffective. Dr. Kristine A. Madsen of the University of California, San Francisco discovered “that children whose parents were told they were overweight were no more likely to have lost weight years later than children whose parents were not notified.”

It should be noted that since the participating schools sent home one physical letter, many parents may not have received them. Also the letters never used the term “obese” or “overweight,” which could mean that some parents didn’t quite understand. Considering that our children are only getting bigger, it’s understandable that public schools want to help. Yet, a letter home to parents can read more like scolding than legitimate concern. Chime in on this one, mommies.

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