Mommyish Poll: Would You Share Social Media Accounts With Your Spouse?

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Look at Brooke Burke and David Charvet. The girl from Wild On… and the guy from Baywatch… what an amazing couple they turned out to be. They have six beautiful children between the two of them. And apparently, they are so intensely adorable and in love that they feel the need to create a Twitter account specifically for their relationship.

That’s right. They each have their own personal account to Tweet with the world. Then, they have an account called @Charvetlove to send out cutesy pictures and sweet sentiments as a couple. They even share their romance tips, like this recent Tweet from Brooke, “Sometimes to keep the flame going u have 2 go back 2 where you began. I just pulled out the perfume I wore 18 yrs ago with D.”

Awwww, right? Or maybe not.

I love my husband dearly, but the minute we start talking about our love story as it’s own separate entity, I think we’re in trouble. I like being my own person and I assume that my husband does, as well. We’re just fortunate that we found another person who loves, respects and supports us no matter what. I guess I can get gushy too, but I try not to do it on Twitter!

So, as I tend to do when I’m not sure about my own opinion, I’m putting it to you guys! Shared social media, is it adorable or just too much? @Charvetlove currently has over 4000 followers, so these two must be on to something.

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