Mommyish Poll: Who Pays For Childcare In Your Family?

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This week when I was at a Q&A with Sarah Jessica Parker, one point of discussion between the ladies on stage as well as off stage was childcare –specifically who pays for it.

It kind of threw me to learn that the majority of working, partnered women in the room paid for childcare out of their salaries — meaning fathers didn’t contribute a dime to the cost of nannies and babysitters. Now, I understand that not all couples do joint bank accounts and some families simply split monthly amenities down the middle. So if your husband is covering food and rent, your expenses might be utilities and childcare.

Still, I’m not sold on why childcare should be without question the woman’s responsibility, especially considering how expensive it is. However, I understand that some women prefer overseeing childcare as opposed to other household expenses.

But now I’m curious.

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