Mommyish Poll: So Do You Admire Elle Macpherson As A Parent?

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Elle Macpherson has been reported to be the most admired parent in the UK with Myleene Klass and Victoria Beckham tailing behind. Elle is a 48-year-old single mother of two boys with award-winning fashion sensibility and that combination seems to have played a significant role her winning the hearts of British mothers.

Elle recently commented on motherhood, alluding to her well-regarded style as mostly a happy accident:

“I’m very busy – sometimes I pay less attention to ­myself than others – but that’s how it goes being a working mother.”

But for those on the other side of the Atlantic, I’m curious as to whether the former Australian model has achieved the same level of parental envy. The mother, given the nickname “The Body” for her coveted figure is said to poll well with men (as if that’s something you’re to aspire to, mommies). In addition to motherhood and her fashion career, she is also an entrepreneur with some acting credit to her name.

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